Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ginger Bombed

After spending a month getting everything ready for the move, having a sick kid, and only have three people send in picture submissions for the challenge, it has been cancelled.   It's sad, but it's kind of  a relief at the same time since there is so much going on right now.

One of the pictures was from my mom of her favorite redhead (who is a cartoon and isn't her daughter).

One of them was from my friend John.  He sent me a picture of...myself.  He really just sent me a picture so that he could choose the topic of a future blog post.  Prepare yourself for that in the future. 

And the following pictures are from Breanna, who would have won if there would have been a hundred people in the challenge.  (Breanna, I will send you your gift!)  Check out these sweet ginger bombed pictures!

Photo has been professionally ginger-bombed.

Proving that American redheaded men have been un-photogenic since 1776. 

I was told that the Mountain Dew had been ginger contaminated.  :-(  Ginger-vitis. 

If you have any funny redhead photos, be sure to send them my way!  Leave a comment below, and go hug a ginger.  Just kidding, that's not safe.