Monday, September 30, 2013

Bethany Doesn't Know She's My New BFF

Where did the time go?  Better question, where did the blogger go?  It has been way too long since I have posted anything.  Since I was here last, I moved to the other side of the world, back onto good ol' US soil, bought a new house, said goodbye to all ties to the military, and have eaten an embarrassing amount of cookies...actually that's nothing new, I just really like cookies. 

It was months ago that I talked to Bethany from BethanyFAE on YouTube about sharing her on MyGingerRiott.  She agreed, then I promptly fell off the face of the Earth.  Rude, I know!  Moving with two little kids all the way from Germany, then getting set up here was more than I was prepared for.  But the worst part is you could have been enjoying Bethany this whole time!  So before any more time passes, welcome back to my blog, share it with your friends, then go check out Bethany!

BethanyFAE may be my favorite ginger ever...sorry Mom!  Bethany has a YouTube channel where she talks about everything from video games to great makeup advice while simultaneously letting her funny nerdiness come through.  It's simply awesome. 

While her videos may be geared towards women, men will love to watch her too.  She is seriously I want to wake up and look just like her!  Okay not EXACTLY like her, because that may freak my kids out, but they'd get used to it eventually.   

Despite her looking like she was plucked right out of Hollywood, she talks to her audience like she is your best friend.  She is down to earth and funny, and instantly makes you like her.  Check her out, give her a thumbs up, subscribe and share the ginger love!!!