Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drunkin' Pumkins

This week we proved to ourselves that moving back to a small town was the right decision.  It was homecoming, so we got together with our family…to watch our local high school team lose. 

Okay so the game may not have gone too well, but Brian’s uncle gave all of the kids a tractor pulled hay ride and we ended the night around a wood fire with the people we love the most…or at least the ones who have the most dirt on us.


Small towns also mean big trucks, and big homecoming floats. 

Saturday we all went out to the campground for pumpkin carving and trick or treating.  Brian and his cute parrot won the costume contest...
...and my mother in law won the pumpkin carving contest…because she’s bad ass like that.
In other news, my daughter Shylee came home with a new song she learned in drama.  She said it goes, “All day long we rape rape rape all through fall.” 

Um what?

I had her repeat herself a half dozen times until finally I think I got it.

Me – “Do you mean rake?  All day long we rake, rake, rake, all through the fall?”

Shylee – “Yeah, that’s it.  Same thing.”

For the record, it is not the same thing, and I would like her drama coach to please enunciate a little better, or at least think of songs that’s rhyming words don’t have anything to do with long jail sentences.