Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get Your Ginger Propaganda!

I don't have a story today, only randomly collected coolness.

Feeling ugly today?  Make-up doesn't look how you want it to?  We've got the fix!  Take off your glasses.  Blurry is beautiful!

Also, I made a t-shirt!  This is for all of my Riotters living in Germany!

Flavor Flav German style, get it! ;-)
Despite this saying, "Flavor Flav", please don't wear saggy pants with it.  Instead, wear them like the Germans, tight and slightly awkward for all.  Please, no saggy diapers either.
Okay, then I got carried away and created a bunch of random propaganda.  Here are a couple others.

Because these yoga pants would be awesome advertising in downward facing dog!
If you would like My Ginger Riott propaganda, email me at or hit me up on Facebook!  The prices really depend on the demand, so the more who are interested, the cheaper it will be.