Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sledding with the Uncoordinated

On Tuesday I pulled a muscle in my foot doing yoga.  How does that happen?  Then today I was walking down the stairs when I twisted my ankle and landed on my face.  I wasn’t mad, but while I was down there I did notice that our stairwell does need to be swept.  This is nothing new for me.  Gravity is a cruel bitch who likes to have her way with me.  I would like to say that I didn’t pass my clumsiness down to my daughters, but that is not the case.  Remember this important tidbit. 
The other morning when I woke up I checked Facebook and saw that there was a two hour school delay for snow.
Me – (Maybe too loudly)  There’s a 2 hour delay today!
Brian – (Not ready to wake up yet) Good.  You’ll have time to make me coffee.
He often spoils my good times like that.  So I jumped out of bed and started getting dressed because snow + school delay = sledding!  It’s awesome math.  A few minutes later I was standing in the kitchen…making coffee…when Shylee walked in. 
Me – We’re going sledding!!!!!!!!
She was still in her I-just-woke-up-and-don’t-like-loud-sounds-or-quick-movement-stage so when I yelled I scared her a little bit.  She turned sideways really quickly and smoked her face on the fridge.  She stood there confused as to who put that fridge in her way, so I grabbed her little hand and walked her over to the patio door.
Me – Look outside!  We’re going sledding this morning.
Shylee – Oh, because there’s snow?
Me – How else would you sled?  Are you new here?
Shylee – We’re going sledding?!!!!! (Ahh good, someone is home.)
So we got all dressed up in our snow gear, woke the baby up and got her dressed for the snow too and headed downstairs. 
Kayde Baby!!!
Brian went down to the basement and got the sled for the girls and we ran over to the hill and started sledding.  It was an awesome morning, even the part where I realized that poor Shylee is just as coordinated as me.  Love her!