Monday, February 25, 2013

Toddlers Turn Mothers Into Monsters

Toddlers are cruel, cruel little bugs. Today I was talking to my one-year-old daughter, Kaydance.

Me: Can you say Shylee? 

Kaydance:  Sister?

Me: Aww yeah, that's close enough. Sister!  Can you say Daddy?

Kaydance: Uh oh!

Me:  That's actually pretty accurate. He does get in a lot of trouble doesn't he?  Can you say Momma?

Kaydance:  RAAAAAR! 

Me:  That's not very nice. 


Me:  No really, I have feelings.


Me:  Jesus kid, you're tough. Be nice. 


At this moment we just so happen to be walk up to a woman with an infant. 


Me:  Momma is tired okay! Maybe if you weren't so mean to me I would have time to take a nap and I wouldn't be so angry all the time!!!

The mother of the infant mean mugged me and walked away.  Give it a year lady; then you too will have a mean toddler who makes you feel bad about yourself.