Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a Ginger Looking for Some Love

I love the website  It’s a website that helps people get funded for starting businesses, artists, designers, and so much more.  Each company or person who is trying to get a “kick start” puts up a list of packages that you can buy.  When you buy one of the packages, you become a backer and get something really cool.  It could be a tee shirt or a prototype at a crazy low price. 

I thought I liked this website until I found this little gem.  Now I LOVE it.  A man named Scott P. Harris from the UK needed funding to make his documentary, Being Ginger.  It’s about a red haired man in his quest to find a woman who would love him, red hair and all.  Unfortunately I found it after the funding window was closed.  Otherwise I would have totally funded my fellow ging.  Check out this deleted scene from the movie. (Note:  Videos may not show up on mobile devices.)

I believe this woman single handedly started National Kick a Ginger Day and gave birth to South Park’s Cartman all before her morning coffee.

Check out Scott’s Facebook page and show him some love, or you know help him find a woman.