Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being Held Hostage

I have been really busy lately, to the point where I’m pretty sure my friends and family were printing LOST posters because it had been awhile since they had heard from me.  I have been held hostage in my home, against my will by a toddler.  I have been doing P90X this week while Kaydance takes her afternoon naps.  I tried on my swimsuit from last year and I have been scared into working out for at least an hour a day ever since. 
Anyway, yesterday Kaydance woke up early from her nap while I was still working out, so I went in and got her out of her bed.  I figured she could sit in a recliner while I finished up Ab Ripper X.  I was on the floor doing crunchy frogs (probably more fun as a dish than as an exercise) when Kaydance jumped down from the recliner, walked over, threw my glass of cold water in my face and walked away.  My captor can be a jerk. 
I grabbed my towel and wiped off my face and heard a gush of water coming from the bathroom.  I must have left the bathroom door open because she had grabbed a step stool, climbed in the tub, turned the water on and sat in the tub with her clothes on waiting for the tub to fill up.  Apparently she thought we both needed a bath. 
So fear not, friends and family.  I am not lost, just very clean and being tormented daily.   
In other news, Ginger Riott has just passed 8000 page views!  I have an idea when we get to 10,000 page views that I will share soon.  10,000 page views!!! That blows my mind.  Thank you to everyone who keeps reading my posts and liking the Facebook page.  You mean the world to me.