Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Your Kids Will be Fine

Since I live so far from my hometown, I keep in touch with what’s going on by being friends on Facebook with my hometown news station.  There was a story about a woman who was strangled and dumped in a lake.  It is very sad, and my condolences are with her friends and family for sure. 

But the thing that really got my attention was a post by a woman who had this to say, “Sooo sad soo young....this world is getting scarier and bitter and people who aren't scared of anything or anyone anymore... I have a 7 and 3 year old and it petrifies me to wonder what this world wil be like at my age....i do know one thing the lord needs to come back soon!!”

I have a couple thoughts on this.  One, I saw your Facebook picture, and if Jesus does come back soon, have him bring you a larger shirt because your girls are trying to escape like a couple of seals in a minnow net. 

And secondly, a drowning in a lake makes you scared for the future of your children?  Like I said before, I do feel for her family and friends, but come on.  Why do people read the news with such nostalgia?  I think people remember their childhoods as a simpler, more fun world in the same way we remember our childhood bedrooms.  Have you ever left your childhood bedroom for a few years, then came back to see it.  It’s magically smaller and less enchanted than it used to be.  Especially for those people whose parents went on to be on the show Hoarding: Buried Alive. 

A strangling and body dumping is something that should never happen, but it’s not like it’s something new that you should worry about the future of your children about.  Chicago has had an organized crime ring since 1879, respectfully.  The Black Dahlia killer, the KKK, the Unabomber, and ‘80s parachute pants are all tragedies that we have overcome. 

There will be more to come.  Boston and 9/11 happened.  A young woman was strangled and thrown in a lake.  It will keep happening.  I think it’s foolish to hide from it and throw your hands up in surrender.  Teach your children that bad things happen to good people, we just need to be the good people who stand up for those who need help, and to trust our instincts.   But just start with a walk.  Teach your children and yourself about the beauty and kindness just outside your front door. 

Let me recap.  Bad things have always happened, but it’s not always about you, so let it go.  When the bad news starts to get to you, turn it off and walk away.  Then go pray that Jesus brings you a bigger shirt!
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