Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10,000 Page View Challenge!

Today I’m excited to announce the 10,000 Page View Challenge! 
First let’s talk about the prizes!  The first place winner will receive by email a $50 gift card and public announcement!  Second place winner will receive by email a $20 gift card by email and public announcement, and the third place winner gets to pick my next blog topic.  It can be ANYTHING.  Think there is something hilarious or just really awkward out there?  Now is your chance to make me do your dirty work and write a blog post about it! 
So what do you have to do to get these sweet prizes?  Shoot a ginger!  That’s right, find your favorite ginger (besides me) and take a picture of them doing something awesome, funny, awkward, or whatever will bring a smile to the other Riotter’s faces!  Think outside the box and have a great time interacting with the coolest people on the planet! ;-)
Now let’s talk about the rules.

Rule 1:  Never talk about Fight Club.

Rule 2:  If you are my parent or my spouse, you are not eligible for the prizes, but feel free to send in pictures anyway!

Rule 3: There’s no limit to the number of great ginger photos you can send in!  Send in one, or send in 20.  I’ll check them all out and share them with everyone.

Rule 4:  This is my blog, so if you send me something retarded, I reserve the right to pretend like I never got your email.  But remember, if you take a photo your mom wouldn’t be proud of, send it in anyway, because I’m not your momma!

The 10,000 Page View Challenge begins as soon as you read this, and will end August 1st, when I will announce who won some cash and bragging rights. 

Don’t kick a ginger, get out there and shoot them (with a camera and with their permission)!

Please send in all entries to MyGingerRiott@gmail.com  Yay!!!