Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad Man in the Neighborhood

There have been a few cases of child molestation and abuse in our neighborhood within the last year, so when my five year old daughter, Shylee, told me she saw a bad man out by the street it got my attention.  I asked her if she saw him again, would she be able to point him out.  She said, without a doubt she would.  She was certain that he was still out there, so I held her hand tight while we walked back to where she had seen him last. 

Yep, he was still there. 

I don't happen to think he is a threat at the moment, you know since he's on a sign and all. 

There was also this guy, who while he looks similar, he is a good guy and is out there to watch the bad man...according to Shylee. 

Just another day on Neighborhood Watch here in Germany with my favorite kindergartner.