Wednesday, April 3, 2013

She Knows Who Says Bad Words

My five year old daughter, Shylee doesn’t have a potty mouth, but she knows someone who does!

Shylee - Mom is fuck a bad word?

Me - Yes, please don’t say that word anymore.

Shylee - I would NEVER say fuck.

Me - Shylee!  Don’t use that word.

Shylee - Hey, guess what happened at school today.

Me - What? 

Shylee - Eric said fuck.

Me - Shylee, I told you not to say that word!

Shylee - I didn’t say fuck.  Eric said fuck.

Me - Don’t say that word!

Shylee - Don’t say what word?

Me - You know what word!

Shylee - Oh, don’t say fuck?

Me - Seriously Shylee!  No more saying fuck.

Shylee - Ooooh momma said a bad word!

Shylee raised her eyebrows and walked out of the room.  Parenting is fucking stressful.