Thursday, April 25, 2013

First World Problems Out of Control

I was going to go lay out in the sun on the balcony today.  When I say I was going to go lay out, I mean I was going to lay out like a ginger.  I spend 15 minutes in direct sunlight, turn over for five, and then spend the rest of the hour in the shade poking myself to see which body parts are overly pink. 
On my way outside I stopped in my tracks because I was immediately thirsty.  Maybe my body just wanted to prepare for the oncoming burn.  So I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.  I noticed how there are many less actual glass glasses now that Shylee has started doing the dishes, and that the floor was seriously gross. 
So I sat my empty glass on the counter and went to get a mop and bucket.  I filled up the bucket and mopped the floor.  I mopped my way to the edge of the kitchen and noticed I left my glass on the counter, I was still really thirsty and there was no way to get to any drink without walking though the clean, wet floor. 
There is too much gingy in myself to just give up that easily.  So I grabbed a towel and throw it on the floor, step on it, and scooted to the glass, then scooted to the fridge.  I filled up my glass with cold water and shut the door.  Then I thought, what if I get thirsty again while the floor is still wet?  I didn’t know what I would be thirsty for, so I grabbed a Rockstar, juice, and the rest of the water pitcher and started scooting toward the balcony quickly so I could get out there before the sun went down too far.  That’s when Brian walked in.
Brian - What are you doing?  (He had been sleeping all day, so he was a little groggy, but his usual level of judgmentalness.)
Me - Don’t mess with me right now, my first world problems are getting out of control.