Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuxedo Cats

In my new-found free time, I have been shopping on the internet and have found some amazing stuff on Etsy.  I’m going to have to say that Brian’s opinion isn’t important on this one.  If you know me, you know that I temporarily get OBSESSED with things.  Not long ago it was reindeer, now it is tuxedo cats.  Like a penguin with its ass up in the air, these cats come dressed for any occasion.  Here is what I found...

by TaraFlyArt
by ArtDesignsAmerica
To be honest, I just like this spoon because I think you could freak people out with it if you just hold the spoon over your nose and let the cat spoon stare at them.

by federicofantasyart
To be followed by an art peice of a cat ear.

by TaraFlyArt

 by TaraFlyArt
by WaterInMyPaint
Gingers are always stiring up trouble!


While I was on etsy, I ran across a shop named TaraFlyArt.  She had this to say about cats.

“Have you ever wondered what your cats DO all day long, while you are at work?
I'm sure you've been tempted to install a cat-cam to catch them clawing the furniture or jumping onto the table.... But your cats are too smart for such pathetic animal antics.

“They wait patiently for you to leave each morning, so they can raid your closet and dress themselves in your clothes. They dig through your wardrobe, trying on pajamas and stockings, and attempt to walk in your shoes.

“In the kitchen, they make chicken salad sandwiches and sip milk from wine glasses. They even do the dishes.

“They watch the Travel Channel on television, e-mail their friends from your laptop, and play Facebook games. Yes, they have their own Facebook profiles too. ;)

“Your cats are cultured, and attend plays at the local theatre, visit art galleries and museums, and participate in jazz music festivals.

“They write opinion pieces for the local paper, volunteer at shelters, and teach beginner bellydancing classes.

“They lead rich, rewarding lives that you know nothing about. Where do you think those smug expressions originated?

“I have caught my cats reading Jane Austen and Dickens, found their collection of BBC period drama DVDs... and a mysterious stash of Earl Grey in the bottom cupboard.

“I've indulged them with tiny Regency suits and dresses, and allowed them to host a monthly book club at our house for their feline friends. With tea and orange scones provided by me.

“In exchange for this, they willingly model for my paintings. My tuxedo cat's preference for dressing like Mr. Darcy inspired me to create "The Regency Cats Collection".  Although I enjoy painting them in any attire they decide to wear, from Asian kimonos to military regimentals.

“All together, they are quite a sight to behold!  I do recall being introduced to your cats at the last soiree, and very elegantly dressed they were. :)

“And just in case your cats haven't confided in you, they are most eager to get their own portraits painted.”

- TaraFlyArt

This pretty muched just sealed the deal.  I am now obsessed with tuxedo cats.  I will be getting a tuxedo cat when we move back to the states, and will probably be decorating the entire house with proper cat art in the meantime.