Monday, October 29, 2012

Agent 5 #2

More fun with Agent 5:

I have been warned that my actions could get me in trouble, so my legal advisor, we'll call him Brian, has told me to say this is all a big fun story. Yeah let's call it that. Here is my big fun text messaging history.

Escort 5: Come in on Sunday at 11 so I can sit down with everyone to explain my expectations as the new team lead. Don't be late.

Escort 11 (that's me):...

I won't be late.

Escort 5: Good.

Escort 11: Because I'm not coming in on a Sunday.

Escort 5: Please reply 2 my email stating that and legit reasoning as to y ur unable 2 attend the mandatory meeting.

Escort 11: I do not have access to my email at this time. I have a previous engagement. Since you do not find it rude to schedule over top of me without discussing it, I do not find it rude to not tell you what I'll be doing.

Escort 5: Its mandatory, you'll be there and what did you have planned?

Escort 11: I spoke with the LT today and he was unaware of this "mandatory meeting". I explained my reasoning for not coming in this Sunday. He said he understood and agrees I shouldn't have to cancel that to come in. I assured him you weren't the type of person to question an Officer's decision. We agreed that you're a good NCO like that. Have a good weekend.

Escore 5: You too.