Monday, October 29, 2012

Agent 5 F*ck Off

You know when you get to that point when you dislike someone so much you can't make eye contact with them, but as soon as they turn around you mean mug the shit out of the back of their head? That's where we are. Although Agent 5 chooses to stare at me the whole time we're talking. I need to remember my dart gun Monday.

To be truthful I really said, "you're stupid" but when typi
ng this I found that, "fuck off" sounded much better and since this is my story to tell, we're going with, "fuck off". Except if you read it mom.

Agent 5: I need you to reschedule your yearly physical because it doesn't work with my schedule.

Agent 11 (me): No

Agent 5: You can't just tell me no like that. I'm this team's leader.

Agent 11: Oh then what did I just tell you? I heard myself say no, but maybe I'm hearing things.

Agent 12: You need to watch your tone with us. We're in charge here.

Agent 11: You're a 35 years old and have never been promoted. You have bigger problems to worry about than my tone. And if we're being professional, you need to watch your tone with me. 

Agent 12: You're being unprofessional.

Agent 11: Fuck off

Agent 5: That's very unprofessional. When one link of our chain is down, we're all down. You are going to watch your tone with us.

I did a curtsy and in my kindest voice said, "Fuck off", and walked out.

20 minutes later I got a text message from Escort 5.

Agent 5: Have u rescheduled ur appt

Agent 11: No

Agent 5: I need u 2 cancel so some1 is in ur spot. I would but ill b in office taking care of some things.

Agent 11: Why don't you just take everyone who's on day shift and everyone who's on night shift and flip them. Then move everyone counter-clockwise to a new location. Then take everyone's truck from the original locations and move them clockwise to a new location.

Agent 5: what would that achieve?

Agent 11: I would be able to make my appointment and still come to work that way.

Agent 5: that might just work. ok sounds good.

Agent 11: Do people still type like that? I didn't think anybody still did that.

No reply.