Monday, October 29, 2012

Automatic Transmission

I hate driving a manual transmission. Not because it's hard to drive or to remember when to shift, but because I look like a complete idiot when I go back to an automatic. And of course, at work Agent 5 makes me drive an automatic truck. (Not that he has anything to do with this, but I hate his guts so I am blaming that on him.)  The other day at work I was coming up to a roundabout and in my thinking, I thought I was going to press in the clutch. So I pressed my foot down like I would on my clutch, instead, the brakes were there so I hit the brakes instead. Hard. I was almost rear ended by a German who wasn't impressed. I assume he was cussing at me because he thought I was just another American who can't drive a manual. You're wrong! I'm an American who can't drive an automatic. Ha! Don't you feel silly.