Friday, March 8, 2013

Things Got Out of Control Last Night

I walked out of my bedroom this morning and the hallway looked like we had been robbed, except nothing was missing and the front door was still locked.  WTF?  I was home alone last night with the girls who are one and five.  I’m pretty sure the one year old had nothing to do with it since when she is up in the middle of the night, she assumes everyone else should be up too.

Me - Shylee?  Honey?  Do you know what happened to the hallway?

I walked towards her room and noticed that some expert ninja robber had also attacked her room.

Shylee - Oh, good morning.  (So nonchalant, and so Shylee.)

Me - What happened out here?

Shylee - (Still unaffected by the fact that our house is in shambles.)  Oh yeah, sorry.  Things got a little out of control last night?

Me - What happened last night?

Shylee - Ya know, we had a party and things just got carried away.  These kinds of things happen all the time.

Me - We?  You had a party with someone?

Shylee - Yeah, just me and the bears.  No biggie.

Me - The bears?  Like your teddy bears?

Shylee - Yeah, they are a riot.

Shylee proceeded to the bathroom and closed the door behind herself. 

What just happened?