Friday, March 22, 2013

Shh! There Are Bears

My five year old, Shylee, and I were walking out to the car this morning, having an argument.  To be honest, she started it.  Then...she finished it.

Shylee:  Oh man, Momma.  You are pretty!

Me:  Thanks honey.  Have I told you that you’re my favorite?

Shylee:  I thought so.  You’re so lucky that you look like me.

Me:  What?

Shylee:  That’s why you’re pretty.  You look just like me.

Me:  Whoa, whoa, sister.  I had this face way before you came along.  You look like me.

Shylee:  Yeah okay.

Me:  Not, yeah okay.  You look like me not the other way around!

(I apparently talked about this too much for her.)

Shylee:  Shhhhh!!!!

Me:  Did you just shh me?!  Seriously kid?

Shylee:  Yep, there are bears out here.  Better be quiet.  It would stink if they ate you.  I can’t reach the gas so I need you to drive me to school.
Whatever.  She said I was pretty.