Monday, March 18, 2013

Why My Husband Works Nights

There are two things you need to know.  One, my husband Brian works nights, so even on the weekends he’s usually awake when I’m sleeping.  Two, the neighbors who live below us are so loud!  At least once a week they are so loud that they wake up the baby.  Usually they keep their nosiness to late evening hours...usually. 
About a week ago at three o’clock in the morning I heard buzzing and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Then that’s all I heard.  WAN WAN WAN WAN.  Holy hell.  So I stuffed my pillow over my head.  WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN.  If I wasn’t in bed alone I would have shook someone until the buzzing stopped.  This may be one of the reasons Brian works nights. 
I thought maybe it was my phone that was vibrating.  So I climbed out of bed and grabbed my phone.  I still heard that ridiculous vibrating.  Not my phone.  It was so loud, echoing around in my early morning brain that I thought it must be an old phone or iPod going off under my bed. 
I climbed under my bed and searched all around.  WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN I couldn’t find the source of the vibrating!!!!  And no, for the record, nothing inappropriate was vibrating if that’s where your brain went, as mine did while I typed this out.

I put my ear down to the floor.  It was definitely coming from the people who live below me.  I was just about to get out from under the bed when I got an alert on my phone saying someone just sent me a life on Candy Crush!  So naturally I opened it up and started playing.  About that time the buzzing below me stopped. 

That’s when Brian walked in to find me laying under the bed with my ear on the floor playing Candy Crush at three o’clock in the morning. 

Brian - What...are you doing?

Me - Playing Candy Crush. 

Brian - Uh huh, okay well good luck then. 

Brian backed out slowly and closed the door behind himself.  Yep, this might be why Brian works nights.