Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giving Karma the Bird

Sorry I haven’t posted more lately.  Kaydance brought home The Child Sickness.  It’s the same nasty thing being spread in daycares and schools everywhere.  It’s passed when a child sees a sticky nasty thing and thinks; hmm I think I want to eat that, nom nom nom.  I’m sure Karma believes if you’re dumb enough to put nasty warm germs in your mouth, then you deserve to get sick.  Then you see your children come home, unaware of the bird they just flipped to Karma, and you kiss them.  That’s when Karma says, if you’re dumb enough to kiss someone who just put nasty warm germs in their mouth, then you deserve to get sick too dummy.  Karma is a cruel bitch sometimes.

So here I am sick because I too gave karma the bird.  My blogs (and useless hours of shopping-for-expensive-shit-I’m-not-really-going-to-buy and watching-YouTube-videos-of-people-getting-hurt-because-they-gave-Karma-the-bird-too) will all be done next to my sad, sad mountain of used tissues and clementine peels. 

Kaydance’s daycare warned me when I picked her up last Friday that Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is going around.  It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds, but make sure that you don’t accidentally tell people that you have Hoof and Mouth Disease.  After WebMD’ing it I have learned that that is a whole different ailment.  I have had no visitors since. 

Update:  I have hit an all-time low. Musicals sound good right now.  When Brian gets up and sees Momma Mia! and the orange and white mountain of sadness, he for sure is going to leave.  I just hope he takes the children; I’m mad at all children today.

Update 2:  I just realized it’s my anniversary, which means Brian can’t leave me to die on the couch alone, because that would give him bad Karma.  Things are looking up, or I'm just talking in cold medicine induced circles.  Either way, Happy 7th Anniversary to us!