Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shylee May Be Jewish

The girls and I were walking to the car to start our day this morning and I found out Shylee may be Jewish.

Shylee:  Wait! (Suddenly stopping in her tracks) What month is it?

Me:  December.

Shylee:  YES!  I love this month.

Me: Yeah me too.

Shylee:  Because of all the presents the candles bring you?

Me:  Are you talking little kid gibberish?  I don’t know what you just said.

Shylee:  You know, when I light a candle, I get a present.

Me:  Gibberish.  Speak English child.

Shylee:  The rabbit brings candles, you light them up, and he gives you presents.

Me: (Going out on a limb.) Are you talking about Hanukkah? 

Shylee:  Yes! You forgot for a minute huh?

Me:  It’s a Rabbi, not a rabbit.  And you know you’re not Jewish right? 

Shylee:  That’s really mean.

Me:  No it’s not.  I’m telling you that you’ve never been Jewish.  Who told you about Hanukkah?

Shylee:  Miss Jessica (A lady who works at her before and after school program).

Me:  What do you know about Hanukkah?

Shylee:  I know what a Menorah is, a dreidel, a yarmulke, a Hanukkah is. Tons of stuff!

Me:  Oh, please tell me.  What is a Menorah? 

Shylee:  Um, it’s a place.

Me:  Where?

Shylee:  In ‘merica.

Me:  What’s a dreidel? 

Shylee:  It’s a building.

Me:  In America?

Shylee:  Yes!

Me:  And a yarmulke?

Shylee:  A boat.  Going to...’merica.

Me:  And Hanukkah?

Shylee:  A TV.  On a building.

Me:  In America?

Shylee:  Yes!

So, as you can see we are obviously Jewish.  When we got to the before and after school building, I asked Miss Jessica if she talked to Shylee about Hanukkah.  She said, “Yeah I am half Jewish, so I get Christmas presents and my dad sends me Hanukkah gifts too.   So we were talking about that yesterday.” 

Me:  You get Christmas presents and Hanukkah presents?  You are a genius!

 A few songs from some real Jews...