Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm out!

I'm out!  Well early tomorrow morning, I will be out. Out of town, out of the interwebs, out of the country, out of touch with technology, out of touch with reality (more than already), and out on vacation with my family.  I will be back in a week, hopefully refreshed with some good stories.  Although, how many funny things could happen on a week long road trip with my in laws in a euro van?  If we all make it home alive...
Please keep the blog going while I'm gone.  Post funny pictures and YouTube videos on the Ginger Riott facebook page (  I'd really love to see what funny stuff you're doing this week while I'm gone.  It's holiday party season, snow season with drivers who prefer to drive in ditches, snowballs to the face season, and awkward family get together.  Share your funny pictures on the FB page!  I'll miss your feedback.  Thank you so much for all of the support. 
Watch out Italy, the Iott's are coming!  :-)  Look forward to some sweet vacation photos.