Monday, January 28, 2013

Gingers on Ice! Get your tickets.

I'm awesome at a limited amount of things. Walking isn't one of those things, and I have already re-learned that a couple times this winter. Brian and I were walking out to the car on our way home when I walked right onto a big slab of ice. I felt that first little slippery feeling and my thoughts went like this; "Shit. It's okay I won't fall. Oh god, don't fall. Oh...yep I'm going down." My hands went up and my ass came down.

Brian - What are you doing? Stop messing around.

Chelsea - I am not messing around. I'm just trying to get to the car!

I got my feet under me but I didn't want to fall down again so I kept my hands on the ground too. It was too slippery to move forward so I just kinda scooted sideways with my butt up in the air....and fell down again.

Brian - What is wrong with you?

Chelsea - I. Don't. Know.

I decided the best way to get to the car would be to crawl there since it was a short twenty feet there. Brian left me and got in the car.

Brian - Where are you from?

Michigan :-(