Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not Joining the Circus Today

Another day home with the children…what to do?  Oh yeah, dream of running away and joining the circus.  At first I thought, “You little people are driving me crazy, go away”.  Then I thought, why do they get to leave?  That’s when I decided that I’m going to run away…to the circus.  It’s not 1930 though and  I don’t remember the last time the circus came to town; not that I’m willing to wait until they get here for me to join.  So I decided to go about this in a modern way.  I went to and searched “circus”.  They had lots of summer hiring jobs.  I am not waiting 6 months to run away from home.  I need to get out right now.  So I finally found a posting looking for someone who is a master of the rola bola. Unfamiliar with what that is, I had to Google it.

That looks easy enough!

My very purple knee and busted lip disagree.  And that was just getting up off the couch.  I tripped over Kaydance’s toy train, falling onto, then over the coffee table where my face was gracious enough to stop my fall.  I decided the rola bola was a bad omen, so I went back to the job search engine, moved the coffee table, and started again.  Under circus, I found this posting, which is much more up my alley.  I don’t really like cats, but it’s about 6000 miles from my house, so it will do. 

              Title:  Not Just a Job

Description:  My husband and I live in northern Dearborn County, Indiana and are looking for someone to care for our beloved cats while we're out of town from time to time.

We have four indoor-only adult cats ranging in ages from 1 1/2 to 7 years (Tut, Diesel, Jack and Luna). All four get along quite well with one another. They enjoy grooming, playing and snuggling together - as well as jumping and racing about which makes the house feel like a circus sometimes! They only rarely get snippy with one another, and even that is very short-lived!

Three of the cats are loving and affectionate with people after becoming comfortable with them in a reasonable amount of time, but the oldest is especially shy and takes a little more time to warm up and feel safe with a new person in the house. Unfortunately, he will not eat normally until he does feel secure - and this is especially unhealthy for him because he has a urinary tract issue wherein minerals in the urine will crystallize:

Urolithiasis / Urethral Blockage: crystallization of minerals (struvite or others) and irritation of the lining of the bladder and the urethra resulting in the formation of clay-like material which can plug up or block the urinary outflow tract. This blockage is life threatening if not relieved.

This may sound daunting, but prevention is simple enough - Tut is staying healthy by eating a 99% canned food diet (Prescription food mixed with Earthborn brand canned foods) and never being fed treats or scraps. There is no need for him to take medications, and our vet's only concern is that he is a bit of a ... well, a Blob! He is a big happy baby, and hasn't had any problems for ... 6+ years now!

All four cats eat the non-prescription canned food, but once in a while we will mix a little dry food into the younger three cats' servings along with some water.

Obviously, we always have clean, fresh water available for them and will even use a pet water fountain sometimes, as well. It makes a big difference as to how much water they drink daily!

That's about the extent of their diet needs - oh, and we do feed them four times a day. My husband feeds them every morning before he leaves for work, I feed them again in the late morning, then around dinner time, and finally before I go to bed. These multiple meals work beautifully for their systems and even with both of us working, this schedule has turned out to be less inconvenient than it might sound!

We do travel throughout the year so are looking for a reliable, dependable, trustworthy, caring, responsible, loving, sensitive person to develop a long term business relationship with. We need to know that when we are out of town for one night, or for 14 nights, that first and foremost the cats will be safe and healthy -- and we also need to know that the housesitter and only the housesitter will be inside our home at any time.

As you might imagine, asking someone to stay in our home while we are away is a serious matter. Until now, we have been fortunate to have had a family friend watch the cats and house for us, but that person has moved out of state, and we need to make other arrangements.

We would like to talk with you and discuss specifics of the job as well as actual payment per visit, day and/or trip. The amount shown below is a merely a ballpark figure since there are many options to weigh.
Thank you for your consideration.

Umm yeah, on second thought, I’ll stay here.  I need to put ice on my knee anyway.