Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cat People Are Rude

I was waiting in the self-checkout line at the grocery store the other day when some women in front of me were talking about sleep apnea problems.

Miss Assumed Crazy Cat Lady Who Must Really Love Cheetos (I assume she was buying so many bags because of the craaaazy cat on the front of the bag.) said, “Yeah, Bill went to the hospital last night for a sleep study for his sleep apnea”.

Miss I Just Like to Tag Along at the Grocery Store Because I Have Nothing Better to Do said, “My dad had sleep apnea.  He would just be snoring super loud, then stop breathing.  It was so scary”.

By this point I thought I’d picked up enough of this conversation to fully understand what sleep apnea was, so I added my two cents.

Me:  “Yeah my husband has that too.”

Cheeto Moncher and Tag Along gave me a concerned look.

Miss Cheezy Cat:  “Ahh, how long has he had it?”

Me:  “He’s had it for years unfortunately.”

Miss Cheezy Cat:  “Wow.”

Me:  “Yeah he snores so loud, then as soon as I think he’s stopped breathing I stop holding my pillow against his face, but he just keeps breathing and snoring again.”  I shook my head.  “Don’t worry, I will get him one day.”

Cheezy Cat and Tag Along packed up the rest of their cat food and Cheetos and left without even saying good bye! 

That’s why I’m a dog person.  Cat people are rude.