Saturday, November 10, 2012

VW Tent

Brian asked me what I want for my birthday and I found it.  Now I am obsessed.  There is nothing funny about being obsessed with a van that doesn’t run, doesn’t have seats, no glass, and not even technically a vehicle, but I WANT this! 

Me:  This is what I want for my birthday!

Brian:  Haha I bet you do.

Me:  It would be perfect!

Brian:  Perfect for camping in the middle of December? 

Me:  Yes!

Brian:  It’s rainy outside and you don’t go outside when it’s raining...for anything.

Me:  I would if I had a tent like this!

Brian:  No you wouldn’t! 

Me:  I have a great idea!  Let’s set it up in the living room! We can move the phone over and pretend we have a sweet car phone and we can have Shylee bring us food and we can pretend it’s a drive through.  When Kaydance gets cranky we can pretend to pull over and throw her out. 

Brian:  People don’t use car phones anymore.  They use cell phones.

Me:  You’re ruining this for me.

Brian:  So you just want a big fake van, not a tent.

Me:  Yes!

Brian:  There’s no seats or steering wheel.

Me:  We can put the recliners in it and pretend like it’s the Enterprise!  We’ll use a joy stick from the computer to steer it!

Brian:  You’ve put too much thought into this.

Me:  There has to be a lot of planning if you want to captain the Enterprise through drive-thrus and abandoning babies.  Besides, it's only $500.
Brian:  Uh, no.
Me:  That's a pretty good price for a bus I think.
Brian didn't say anything else, so I will let you guys know when I get my bus.  I can' come pick you up in it, as it doesn't have a motor, seats, or wheels; so you will have to come to my house.  Make sure you tip the drive through lady well before Dora comes on!
Here is where I found my dream tent btw...