Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Brian: Do you work with a guy named Trent?

Me: Trent sounds like someone who wears sweater vests so I'm guessing he's a supervisor of some sort. I know a Paul who wears sweater vests, will he do?

Brian: No. I'm looking for a specific person.

Me: Change your friend Steve's name to Trent. I can help you call him Trent too.

Brian: No, he'll be like WTF, why are you calling me Trent?

Me: I have access to his Outlook admin, I can change his name to Trent on his email. That'll help with the concussion. (I didn't see that my phone auto-corrected to concussion until later. I meant to type confusion).

Brian: What? He doesn't have a head injury.

Me: Ooh yeah, that's a good idea. Need help with that?

Brian: Nevermind.