Friday, November 16, 2012

Damn Boys

Do you ever wonder when the battle of the sexes starts in us?  I would now say it starts around five years old. 

Last night I woke up to the sound of Shylee crying so I nudged Brian. He didn’t move.  I nudged him again.  No movement.  So I got out of bed and walked to her room and found her sitting up in bed just sobbing. 

Me:  What’s wrong honey?

Shylee:  (Something very whiny and maybe not English…)

Me:  I can’t understand you.  What did you say?

Shylee:  I had a bad dream!

And she broke down in tears again.

Me:  What was your dream about?

Shylee:  I had a dream that I had a brother and he came in my bathroom and messed it all up.  He left the toilet seat up after he peed, and left toys in my tub, and even threw my (started getting hard to understand again) toothbrush on the floor!!!

I could see that this was a real problem to her so I just wanted to support her.

Me:  What kind of monster would do that?!

Shylee: (Unable to control her tears at all) A BOYYYYYYYYY!

So that is where it starts…damn boys. 
Family Guy is here to bring home the message.