Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tube it Tuesday

I have finals this week (o yay) so instead of writing about stuff, I am going to post a few videos since that's what I was watching instead of studying. I made sure to use head phones so Brian wouldn't judge me. He always has his judgy pants on. JK Call of Duty just came out so I could blast "This Girl Is On Fire" (appropriate for my hair color), singing along really loud, holding a glass of wine, dancing in the living room and he wouldn't notice....oh spoke too soon. So that he notices. Noted. Anywho, here are the video's for tonight. I hope you enjoy them. I am...while I study.

Big Bang Theory Bloopers
I hate Toddlers and Tiara’s so much.  This however I LOVE!
Sexy Feet!  Sexy Feet!
If you haven't seen Five Year Engagement, you should. One because it's awesome, and two because this scene would make a lot more sense. I couldn't get the YouTube video to link in, so I will put a picture that has absolutely no purpose. Click on the link.

Happy Tube it Tuesday!!!