Monday, November 5, 2012

Shylee Gets A Haircut

I walked into Shylee’s after school program to pick her up and the staff handed me this little gem.
Shylee was at art center at Kindergarten when she apparently decided to declare warfare on her bangs.  Her teacher sent this note along with the evidence.  To be completely fair, I never told her not to go to school, grab a sharp object and start cutting off body parts (or hair).   I don’t think she did a bad job, but I will never tell her that in an effort to keep her from attacking her other follicles.
Chelsea:  I think Shylee is going to be an Emo.
Brian:  What?  Why?
Chelsea:  Look, she’s a cutter.
I showed him the bag and he gave me a look like, WTF?
Brian:  Shylee, why did you cut your hair today? 
Shylee:  Dad, I need a haircut!  (Looking at him like, obviously. Who the hell asks a silly question like that?)
Brian:  Okay, well we will take you to get your haircut, but please don’t cut your hair again.
Shylee:  Okay, Daddy.  Can I get an expensive haircut like Momma?
Brian:  Sure, whatever you want.  Just don’t cut your hair anymore.
That gave me an idea.

Brian made me give her the money back and took her to get her hair cut by a professional.  Whatever that means.  I’m pretty sure getting paid to do a service is considered being a professional, Brian! 
I guess it turned out all right ;-)
And in the end, I got even for having to give the money back.
Snip snip mothafucker                           :-)